Tuesday, June 27, 2006

For the Lazy Bums

For those who missed this week (or just are too lazy to read):


Monday, June 26, 2006

Porn drives Medias it seems

making these pictures isn't all fun and games. it takes time to render these things. well, to tack in the funnies of course.

look at this painstaking Photoshop box...er..thingy....

the reason why you read about all that Porn (yes porn, i tried writing pR()n and it's just stupid. plain stupid) is because i recently read an article about what drives new media formats. and it was logically right to some degree.

think about it. porn ultimately decided VHS or Betamax. VHS was just cheaper to tape porn onto was clearer. you could actually see nipples the article stated!

then it was the vhs vs. dvd battle. obviously, sharper nipples = PWNAGE. So the DVD won out.

porn helped drive UMD (sony's psp format) movie sales in Japan and South Korea. and they said porn was bad...

porn was one of the first high drives to increase connections to the internet.

porn is now one of the first major industries to start selling you movies online and letting you burn them onto DVDs.

porn as time has proven will probably decide the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray format war.

face it. porn is what drives new medias.

in all honesty. i love nintendo. i love the DS. i love it to death. DS = DEAD SEXY okay? Nintendo DS, i love you so much. don't ever leave me. but really...it's a great system and worth all $130 washingtons you spend on it.

here's some good games to buy for it:

1. mario kart ds
2. new super mario brothers
3. X/y feel magic
4. metroid prime hunters
5. any other games that require major touching

I saw this somewhere and it was just priceless, I didn't make PS this image, someone else did. Everything else i did.

and to counter the nintendo honchos, i made this:

mr. kutaragi is really:

next topic.

i saw this over at engadget.com:

"You may have seen or heard of the WWPC (”wrist-worn PC”) concept by EuroTech — but now the company has released photos of this device in action. Just to recap, this 7-ounce watch boasts a 2.8-inch touchscreen LCD display, SD card slot, Bluetooth, GPS receiver, WiFi, USB alocknd support for Linux or Windows CE operating systems. One more picture after the jump."


Saturday, June 24, 2006

PSP (porn station portable) vs. DS (dog shit)

yesterday i took a bite out of the consoles. today i'm going to take a bite out of - you guessed it. the DS and PSP and the gb micro.

there is no doubt who will be victorious in the handheld wars. the winner of the ds vs. psp fight is so overly obvious that if you don't already know the answer, you're a nincompoopy head.

it's of course the PSP*

let's list again the reasons why the PSP has won and that the ds should roll over and die.**

1. PSP offers 16:9 "high-definition" screen pleasure (the better to watch your porn on)
2. Stores pictures (the better to save your porn pics onto)
3. PS2 games. Who doesn't want ports of PS2 games that we've already played?
4. Internet (too see more porno!)
5. Music (to hear all those moaning sounds that we recorded of ourselves when we were alone)
6. UMD movies (to watch imported japanese pornos!)
7. It's a porn machine galore!

I wish those babes could just out and..and..wait...what?

the ds is just stupid and nintendo should give up. it is the next gameboy so iwata should shut his mouth. "third pillar" my ass. notice how nintendo has been so hypocritical these last few months? HD is garbage (but let's make the wii version of zelda HD and make the GCN one not HD)

Pr()N coming to a DS near you!

of course, this is my blog, and it's all based on humor (at least some of the time, most people should know when i'm kidding, being sarcastic and joking) so i could be entirely wrong as these stats pulled off of joystiq.com say otherwise who's winning:

joyswiq stats:

- DS Lite: 141,487 9,460 (7.17%)
- PSP: 24,653 2,997 (13.84%)
- DS: 22,748 21,377 (1559.23%)
- GBA SP: 4,642 526 (12.78%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,294 360 (21.77%)
- GBA: 20 10 (33.33%)

i deleted all the home consoles and left in only the portable handhelds' stats in.

then i was browsing thru kotaku.com and saw something breath-takingly hilarious:

"Devoted PSP players can explore their passion in complete privacy by using a model specifically designed for the device."

Now that is just funny. Who comes up with this stuff?

*again, if you really thought i was serious, then you know nothing about the ds vs. psp war.

**i do not watch porn or store porn pics/videos on my PSP. i think it's degrading to women around the world to watch them flail around. a night in paris was bad enough, i'd much rather prefer an intelligent woman who's sexy and beautiful in her own ways. not because of millions of horny men gawking at her breasts or pussy.

Friday, June 23, 2006

3 Consoles, One War, It's A Threesome anyway you look at it

I couldn't resist. While browsing through Gizmodo.com I couldn't help but notice one of the greatest accessories for the ipod ever made.
NACHO LIBRE skins. They're the fugliest things in town, but don't they look snazzy?

Admit it, you know you want one to show off to all your buddies!

okay, on to today's adventure. life is increasingly depressing. it's like a huge stress to the left and a huge stress to the right. can't a guy relax these days? apparently not without spending a couple of G's here and there.

so the last 2 days, my free 1-yr subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly arrived. I received May, June and July's issue's all in 2 days. Oh, FYI, there was some website that was handing out free 1yr subs to anyone who signed up about a month ago. free stuff right? i used to be an avid reader of EGM way back in the old days.
it was a good read, but then it became washed out with all these new writers and you know how things tend to go with new writers. then the art direction and magazine layout took a new road and i just stopped reading EGM's garbage. with the advent of RSS feeds and all that stuff and Mozilla Firefox (tabbed viewing) who needs magazines anymore right?
i found the news on the net before the magazines ever published the news. by the time the magazine hits your hands, the news is OLD news.

i have 3 issues. wtf am i supposed to do with them? i took a skin of july's issue featuring call of duty 3 on the cover and the mag just sucks. the only column worth reading is and always will be seanbaby's column in the back. he tackles the best stuff. who else is going to be brave enough to review barbie and olsen twins games?

guess i have something to use as toilet reading now eh, instead of the old playboy and penthouse mags* (like you'd even read)

how about the new console wars hmm? in the ring we have xbox360 vs. wii vs ps3. another 3 consoles, another bloody war on the horizon. bloody? hardly. im gonna just go out and shoot. Nintendo's going to come out on top. Wii will win. (3 W's, freakyyy) Why? There are many reasons.

1. Lower pricetag
2. Virtual Console (NES/SNES/N64/TurboGrafx/Genesis...etc...)
3. GameCube compatibility
4. Innovative controller
5. Everybody wants to try it
6. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (need I say more?)

here's the reasons why ps3 will suck balls:

1. $500 and $600 pricetags? FUCK NO
2. high development costs
3. you want high rez graphics? 360 can do just the same...
4. gta 4 no longer exclusive (admit sony, gta sold ps2s singlehandedly)
5. no rumble (swapping a motion sensor for rumble? good job sony)
6. i dont need a blu-ray player. my dvds work just fine
7. ken kutarugi and kaz hirai are idiots
8. this thing is a behemoth. people made fun of the xbox for being big. this thing is HUGE!
9. sony, you just suck

hello, my name is ps3 (love the originality dontcha?) and i like stealing ideas (like my motion sensor in controller) and calling it innovative! *bows* i'm also so gargantuous that i am hogging all this space on this blog post.

this might increase appeal for the ps3. mmmm....sandwich

and the xbox 360. it can just sit in the corner and screw itself with it's so called "bruce-lee" inspired case.

i'm too sexy for my car, too sexy for my controller, too sexy for bill gates...

*if you really thought i have playboy and penthouse mags, go and smack yourself. but i won't deny having a few issues of stuff magazine the occasional cosmo**.

**please note the name of this blog. thank you.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

nacho dork

i'm getting a little sick and tired of all the nacho libre crap. it's not napoleon dynamite and it's not benchwarmers...what it is is "not"cho funny movie. it's a corny piece of garbage. jack black hits an all time low with his latest outing.

jack black had a ncie run in king kong (remake) and now he's back to his regular old stupid antics, acting retarded. although i do admit, he's perfect at being an idiot.

the next thing i have to take of is podcasting. i've never jumped onto the podcast bandwagon, because i always felt that its as boring as listening to a radioshow, and i was right. i decided to listen to some podcasts off of 4colorrebellion.com and then some others and they just plain reek of shitty-ness. they suck ok? they're boring, bland and just plain annoying.

it's got to be boring old people who create these things...

i really don't see why they're all so exciting or interesting at all. if you want news on things, learn to read and you're good to go. a little bit of reading never hurt anyone and it'll help inprove your vocabulary.

anyways, i just had to get this out. i think i'm getting the hang of this.

Another funny day, and with FUNNY PICS!!! rofl

I always have my camera on me whenever I go out. There are always things to capture. The other day, I captured some of the funniest shit you will ever see.

With a little bit of imagination and photoshop I give you these...

Free laptops my ass.. unless they're lap....uh....tops...(if you know what I mean...hehe)

Hitting up the old discount stores, I noticed this bootleg SideKick. Introducing the SLIDE CLICK!!!!

Most innovative and definitelynotrippedoffofanyotherdevice. This is the FUTURE!!

And what's this? A freebie? what a catch. How lucky was I to get to see an ad for FREE LAPTOPS, the Slide Click AND see in person the world's nerdiest family ever? I am blessed...

I just realized that my first video has an error. It says "webaster" instead of "webmaster". it's too late now. i cant fix it. all the material i editted it with are long gone in the trash and deleted. my mistake.

so how is everybody? feeling good? i'm loving blogging. it's so liberating. it's vindicating, i am selfish, i am right, i am wrong, i swear i knew it all along, and i am flawed...but i am cleaning up so well....ahhh enough of the dashboard confessional spider-man movie song.

i do feel free though. i dont need to type grammatically correct. notice how half way i just stopped putting a capital letter at the start of each sentence...

think you're starting to see a different side to sling? i hope i see that side...cause it's really dark and i can't see that side yet...let me know when you've seen it.

blogging like this also makes me sound like a child. it's 100% freedom. there's no limits.

so let's just plug in some useless junk like this:

oh hell i did.

what he needs is some weed...and a bag of pretzels!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First Video!

I'm back again and I've just ventured into my first video creation which is now up on youtube for you all the view. Let me know what you think, etc...

I whipped this baby up in 20 mins. Those pics of the lightsabers were are taken by yours truly. A little gritty because it was on a cell phone camera. Little kids sure are funny. I thought it was too funny to pass up the oppurtunity to not post up.

The video rejuvenated something in me. I think the designer/creator/inventor side of me. I feel like I'm on a cloud where I can do anything I want. I can create anything, there are no limits.

It's extremely hot and humid here in Manhattan. Really disgusting. If you live in the area, stay at the office for the extra AC or just go somewhere cooler. It's not worth killing yourself in this humidity.

How is everyone else doing? Life? How is everything? I want to know. I feel that everything and everyone is becoming distant. The connections aren't as tight as they used to be. They're still there, just not as close.

Til next time!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Revival of the blog

I forgot all about this, but I will be reviving it and writing in it on daily basis.

Things with Sennen Rage have gotten a little sidetracked. I've been so busy with my own things and updates on Yu-Gi-Oh! are kind of slow. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters is over airing in the U.S. and I just don't care for GX at all. I don't like it and I don't think I'm going to follow it. But don't think I'm giving up on Sennen Rage, it's a big part of my time and life. I built it from the ground up. I will continue to build it. How I'm going to expand it is still on the drawing table. I'm thinking of possibly reworking a lot of the things. I want to get back to the basics of things. So I ask myself a few questions.

1. What was the original goal of Sennen Rage ?
2. Did I achieve that goal?
3. If I haven't, am I getting there?
4. If I haven't, is that goal still your goal?
5. Do you want it to be the same?
6. What about new ideas, EXPANSION?

There are many more questions I ask myself.

Ultimately, Sennen Rage will not be discintigrating. It will grow. It's still growing. How and to what it will grow into as I stated previously is to be determined.

Magician Orion's flee, left me to think of some things. I think I'm back on the track of working on Sennen Rage to the max. We'll see how it goes. Scarlet Spider, I hope his computer probs are fixed, because he is head of the TCG section of SR. Orichalcos Soldier, I know you've got a lot on your hands, but he said he's going to wrap up the SR Fan Fic, and if you decide to leave, then it's a great way to send you off. Joey, you're still hanging around, and I couldn't have it any other way. Naoko, I hope you have fun in the Phillipines this summer and can get a hold of some internet connection for a quick buzz-in.

Ryusaki, you're the newest member to the SR team, also the youngest I've ever scouted and hired on board. I hope you can help us lift up out of this dry-spell and drive more visitors to SR with your articles. I see your potential, and I want to help you tap it, as I've done others.

Here's the vid that Ryu made, and I think it's really nice.

The material I will be covering here won't be YGO related, it will be more about myself, more about my life, and the occasional TECH stuff, you know, gadgets, and video games, and my thoughts on the console wars, etc.

I'm going to leave this post and return tomorrow. Here's some pics of my PSP running Sennen Rage on it's Internet Browser.