Friday, January 05, 2007

Hideo Kojima doesn't give a fart about HD, but is amazed at MP3 player!

I reiterate. Seems that news of Hideo not caring about HD (man, the fanboys for Sony got crushed, and the Wii fanboys pee'd their pants) has spread all over the internet. All over the globe. It's in Russian, it's in French. Quite the excitement eh? I knew it would be.

So WTF does amaze Hideo? THIS:

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This is the kind of loving gaming needs. It needs a network. ONE network. Not 3 networks. There is no unison in gaming. And I believe there may well never be. Xbox Live is making quite a name for itself. It's got what is it - millions of members? The PlayStation Network is shaming itself again. With it's unoriginal name and then failing to deliver immediately. Online I believe will always belong to Microsoft. Microsoft is experienced with online infrastructure thru their Windows platform. Sony however is a hardware maker. Their applications have mostly sucked in comparison to Microsofts. Nintendo with their Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection - another boring name has still yet to come to the table (at least for the Wii). There is still a great lack of wi-fi mode for DS games anyway. As for infrastructure mode (aka ONLINE) on the PSP. It's a complete failure. If homebrew was not phenomenal in the late months of 2006, the PSP would have died. Homebrew single handedly saved the PSP. Dark_Alex is to be commended for his amazing strides. He has tapped the PSP for more than it's worth. If Sony had done it themselves, PSP sales would be a little better. Instead they're trounced on. A new redesigned PSP in 2007 would be a great strategy for Sony to get a second chance to make the PSP deliver.

Thank you and much love to all the websites that featured my scan or quoted it and linked back here.


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