Wednesday, August 16, 2006

IGN Responds to my msg

Quick update to this practically dead blog, which I will resurrect. Take that bashers!


Okay, I'm a PSP owner and I'm just disappointed with the PSP lately. First there is the lackluster line up of games. Remember all those PSP games that were supposedly "in development" at e3 2004? Where are they now? I recall Sony throwing around numbers of games in developments that reached up to 80ish? Did all those developers just magically disappear? Did they?

Sony made the UMD. They're proprietary, yeah, but they're on a CD-like format and should be cheap to manufacture by now right? Sony Japan created a "Greatest Hits" for PSP games, so where is the US's version of that?

I'm a PSP gamer and I still don't have any games. They're just too expensive. I have a Daxter demo (which I won from an online contest) and I just downloaded the LocoRoco demo that is available in the 2.71 firmware update. Come on. Where are all the free demos? The thing that made the Playstation and Playstation 2 great were free CD content. Look at OPM (Official Playstation Magazine), they give out a nice DVD worth of PS2 demos, videos, etc with each mag, which is one of the reasons I pick the mag up. Even OXM (Official Xbox 360 Magazine) has free game demos. So why no PSP love? Either they distribute it via download on the Internet or just pack it in with OPM....

The Nintendo DS has a nice batch of DS downloads. And the PSP is just more powerful. It should get more love!

-- sling blade

I think anyone that reads your email will wholeheartedly agree with you. To be honest, it seems like everything you've mentioned is overdue. I can't seem to recall what UMD production costs are, but I do know that you can pick up free demos on the discs at EB and such from time to time, so they can't be too expensive anymore. So yeah, hopefully Sony and its third-party devs will make with the givey-givey much more often in the future and couple demos with magazines, ship them to stores and more.

On a positive note, once the PS3 rolls out in November and Sony's online plans are up and running, the PSP's connectivity to it should allow for many more downloadable demos. We hope, anyway.

-- Chris


Blogger Joey said...

Crazy, I was just researching the PSP today. I too, was also severely disappointed. >_>

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