Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sony and their Pussy Lily Pad Commercial - I'm SERIOUS!

Just watch that...


Yea, they're supposed to be Pussy Willows but come on. Sony, did you even think before you made this? This is 10billion times worse than Nintendo naming their console Wii.

PSP = Pussy Station Portable


Sony, you guys keep showing you still got it...

And did anyone laugh at that GT4 HD screwup Sony had on the website? They used Forza Motorsport (XBOX) car advert by accident.

Face it. PlayStation is dying. Sony's made all the wrong moves in every department.

Play it again and laugh some more my friends...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Link Loves Anne Hathaway!

Click it.

This is ROFL too funny. Zelda, scoot over, Link likes his women with large voluptuous breasts.


What else can you guys try?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 & Gamecube Google Sketch Up Renderings

Right before I was about to go to bed last night, I noticed I had installed Google Sketch Up on my computer. I decided to try it out again and ended up drawing a Wii, PS3, and Gamecube.

Here are my renders. They are rather basic, but I think anyone who knows anything about videogames would be able to tell what consoles they are. I left out the B trigger on the Wii-remote - just noticed it now. Obviously, none of the consoles are drawn to scale, unless that person who is in the renders is miniscule like the Minish people (Zelda players should understand).




Xbox 360:


Keep in mind these renders each took about 5-8 minutes to draw, and in the end I think they came out pretty good. Not excellent, but decent.

You can find all of these images in my FLICKR album.

--->>>> Flickr Album!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

PlayStation Marketing Man - Sony, you devil you

Kotaku had the scoop on this. Check this out. A man holding a PSP with a PSP Camera attached to it with a huge ass PS3 neck strap attached to the PSP's loop hole. And on top of that he's taking using the PSP camera to take a picture of a a PS3 game and also is holding a Sony Vaio laptop device. Call it anything you want, but either he is the biggest Sony nerd ever or it's another one of Sony's desperate marketing schemes. Remember ""? And Sony coughed up to that one. Sony wins the award this year for most failures of the year.

Image Hosted by

source: Kotaku

Let's list some of Sony's major mistakes of 2006 shall we? And it doesn't look like it will end in 2007 either...

1. Laptop battery explosions deal massive damage to Sony's weak spot
2. PS3 fails to ship in Spring 2006, and then is faced with huge shortages when it launches in Nov. 2006
3. PS3s are failing to sell now and owners are either selling them on eBay for less than the original MSRP or returning them to stores
4. James Bond: Casino Royale doesn't make #1 spot for 2 weeks. It's beaten by penguins in the movie Happy Feet. Also, it's sad to see Sony advertise Sony Ericsson mobile phones constantly in the movie along with Vaio laptops, Cyber-Shot digital cameras and sneaking in "Bravia" on one of the internet pages someone in the movie looks at in the beginning. Shameful advertising.
5. The PSP is totally devastated by the DS. 2006 proved that the PSP is dying...
6. Sony and all their failed viral campaigns spawn complaints Ex) graffiti styled freaks with PSPs in major cities, another example being the black and white PSP ad that sparked controversy in Europe.
7. PS3 controller loses rumble, adds 6 axis (which is just a weak version of the Wii remote)
8. Samsung pulls ahead of Sony as the new leader in consumer electronics manufacturer. Sony is dethroned as the "king".

Good luck in the new year Sony.

My predictions for this console war are as follows.

Xbox 360

I think a new king is coming, and he will Wii all over the competition.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nintendo obsessed with the Number TWO!!

Ok, after watching the trailer for the upcoming Jim Carrey movie, Number 23, I discovered something. This is most likely coincidence. But I just wanted to share it with you all.

-Nintendo DS = TWO Screens
-Wii has TWO USB ports in the back
-Wii's full controller setup is made up of TWO parts - the remote and the nunchuk
-The Wii logo is made of TWO "ii" - both representing TWO people
-Wii was released TWO days before the PS3
-There are TWO versions of Zelda: Twilight Princess
-Reggie is ready to let the GBA die, leaving TWO systems for Nintendo to focus on
-Wii can play TWO types of discs (Gamecube and Wii)
-TWO versions of the DS are available (DS and DS lite)
-When Pokemon games for handhelds first debut, they are released in TWO versions (R&B, Ruby&Sapphire, Fire Red&Leaf Green, Pearl&Diamond)
-Nintendo has TWO big honchos now. Iwata and Reggie. Both able to kick major ass.
-The DS launched in 2004, Wii in 2006, 2006 - 2004 = TWO YEARS

Freaky? Am I overthinking it? Maybe it just sounds a little cool. Too cool if you ask me.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Hideo Kojima doesn't give a fart about HD, but is amazed at MP3 player!

I reiterate. Seems that news of Hideo not caring about HD (man, the fanboys for Sony got crushed, and the Wii fanboys pee'd their pants) has spread all over the internet. All over the globe. It's in Russian, it's in French. Quite the excitement eh? I knew it would be.

So WTF does amaze Hideo? THIS:

Free Image Hosting at

This is the kind of loving gaming needs. It needs a network. ONE network. Not 3 networks. There is no unison in gaming. And I believe there may well never be. Xbox Live is making quite a name for itself. It's got what is it - millions of members? The PlayStation Network is shaming itself again. With it's unoriginal name and then failing to deliver immediately. Online I believe will always belong to Microsoft. Microsoft is experienced with online infrastructure thru their Windows platform. Sony however is a hardware maker. Their applications have mostly sucked in comparison to Microsofts. Nintendo with their Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection - another boring name has still yet to come to the table (at least for the Wii). There is still a great lack of wi-fi mode for DS games anyway. As for infrastructure mode (aka ONLINE) on the PSP. It's a complete failure. If homebrew was not phenomenal in the late months of 2006, the PSP would have died. Homebrew single handedly saved the PSP. Dark_Alex is to be commended for his amazing strides. He has tapped the PSP for more than it's worth. If Sony had done it themselves, PSP sales would be a little better. Instead they're trounced on. A new redesigned PSP in 2007 would be a great strategy for Sony to get a second chance to make the PSP deliver.

Thank you and much love to all the websites that featured my scan or quoted it and linked back here.

PS3 eBay babes - thank you compiler dude and wii sports pack

A genius did the unthinkable. He compiled all the PS3 eBay sluts onto one website. It's a shame that PS3s on ebay are dipping in the gray market. What happened to women being sick and tired of being portrayed as slutty hos and bitches? Well, apparently it was a lie. Women love money. PS3 = money. So even if you're fuckin ugly, you'd still go and buy a PS3 and then use your sex appeal (most of the ones on the site don't even have it...) to sell you one. Sure they're mostly just slutty bitches from hicksville, but I will post a few that were funny enough to be posted. Note, the "chicks" may be butt ugly, but hey it was funny.

Her room is that messy, and looks like she barely has any furniture, but she can afford a PS3?

Free Image Hosting at

Notice how there is some kind of liquor bottle near Call of Duty 3 (in the left) and how there are bud light cans used as decoration for her tree...oh couldn't see because of the big boobies right?

Free Image Hosting at

Hey Kutaragi, enjoying the view? (and 2 of the ugliest asian lesbos I've ever seen)

Free Image Hosting at

I knew the PS3 box was huge, but damn...that big? Either that or she's really skimpy..I mean shrimpy...

Free Image Hosting at

She was so desperate she went out and showed us her tits. Not even good tits at that. You slutty whore.

Because I cannot find a friggin hoster that lets you host tits. Here you go. The direct link:

Tit seller

This girl is either the ugliest PS3 seller ever or she's a HE...

Free Image Hosting at

No fair...this girl is probably some hooker on the web...we want to see your real ugly self!!!

Free Image Hosting at

And this one just wins too. Because photoshopping a B/W pic and a PS3 box. Nice. Superb. You are the \/\/||\|Z012z

Free Image Hosting at

I saved the best for last. She, I would actually buy a PS3 from. $1 <--my high bid.

Free Image Hosting at

Some company is releasing a Wii Sports Pack. Wait what? ANOTHER Wii sports game? Not exactly. They're more like little plastic add-ons to snap your wii remote into and then make it feel more like a sport equipment. Take for example this one:

Free Image Hosting at

It's the BAT for the Wii Baseball. Um. Does that look familiar? Looks sort of like a baton stick that police officers carry. Well now you know what really bored college girls with no men in sight can get. Well it'll be mostly the lonely, depressed, ugly ones who fear commitment. Think about it. A dark boring night. Two lonely horny college girls. And there ya go. Instant dildo. Only bigger and more fun. If they get tired, they can always go into wii sports and play.

Or say this one, for tennis:

Free Image Hosting at

The tennis one can be used for ass spanking. Oh baby. Daddy wants some spanky spanky eh?