Thursday, June 22, 2006

nacho dork

i'm getting a little sick and tired of all the nacho libre crap. it's not napoleon dynamite and it's not benchwarmers...what it is is "not"cho funny movie. it's a corny piece of garbage. jack black hits an all time low with his latest outing.

jack black had a ncie run in king kong (remake) and now he's back to his regular old stupid antics, acting retarded. although i do admit, he's perfect at being an idiot.

the next thing i have to take of is podcasting. i've never jumped onto the podcast bandwagon, because i always felt that its as boring as listening to a radioshow, and i was right. i decided to listen to some podcasts off of and then some others and they just plain reek of shitty-ness. they suck ok? they're boring, bland and just plain annoying.

it's got to be boring old people who create these things...

i really don't see why they're all so exciting or interesting at all. if you want news on things, learn to read and you're good to go. a little bit of reading never hurt anyone and it'll help inprove your vocabulary.

anyways, i just had to get this out. i think i'm getting the hang of this.


Blogger Trixie said...

lol, jack seems 2 becoming more and more like a moron as each of his movies passes by

6:26 AM  

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