Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another funny day, and with FUNNY PICS!!! rofl

I always have my camera on me whenever I go out. There are always things to capture. The other day, I captured some of the funniest shit you will ever see.

With a little bit of imagination and photoshop I give you these...

Free laptops my ass.. unless they're lap....uh....tops...(if you know what I mean...hehe)

Hitting up the old discount stores, I noticed this bootleg SideKick. Introducing the SLIDE CLICK!!!!

Most innovative and definitelynotrippedoffofanyotherdevice. This is the FUTURE!!

And what's this? A freebie? what a catch. How lucky was I to get to see an ad for FREE LAPTOPS, the Slide Click AND see in person the world's nerdiest family ever? I am blessed...

I just realized that my first video has an error. It says "webaster" instead of "webmaster". it's too late now. i cant fix it. all the material i editted it with are long gone in the trash and deleted. my mistake.

so how is everybody? feeling good? i'm loving blogging. it's so liberating. it's vindicating, i am selfish, i am right, i am wrong, i swear i knew it all along, and i am flawed...but i am cleaning up so well....ahhh enough of the dashboard confessional spider-man movie song.

i do feel free though. i dont need to type grammatically correct. notice how half way i just stopped putting a capital letter at the start of each sentence...

think you're starting to see a different side to sling? i hope i see that side...cause it's really dark and i can't see that side yet...let me know when you've seen it.

blogging like this also makes me sound like a child. it's 100% freedom. there's no limits.

so let's just plug in some useless junk like this:

oh hell i did.

what he needs is some weed...and a bag of pretzels!


Blogger Trixie said...

Hey sling, its me Kongpow, lol. Great pics, lmao!! Looks like u had a good day!

6:31 PM  

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