Friday, September 01, 2006

super sexy.............yea, the title has nothing to do with the post...just read it

I haven't blogged in ages. But here's what I really have to get out. The world is going crazy. Videogame companies are going crazy. People
are turning dumb. What happened to the good old days when people wanted to ride Kawasaki motorcycles? Harleys...and BMWs motos? It seems these days
people are all about spazzing out by geeking out.

Look at these:

A PSP Vespa! Now, shouldn't Sony be concentrating more on selling their SYSTEMS instead of slapping PSP on their lame PlayStation Signature Series?
Where is Sony's priorities? Clearly, on selling you a Vespa with a PSP logo on it.

Check this out as well.

Some loser had so much time, he pimped his scooter to be like Pikachu. Like we don't have enough Pika vehicles floating around...Volkswagon Beetle anyone? This one's not official from Nintendo, but come on...

And yesterday, I found this. An official Konami Frogger scooter...

They are butt fugly.

Anyone who wastes money on this garbage deserves a swift kick in his/her ass.

Moving on to more important issues...let's talk more about the PSP. It seems to be topic everyone loves.

So everyone knows that the PSP now has some "Greatest Hits" titles...

To name a few:

-Ape Escape
-Wipeout Pure
-Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition
-Hot Shots Golf
-Tony Hawk
-Untold Legends
-Star Wars Battlefront 2
-Twisted Metal
-and some other shit

Anyway, where the fuck is Ridge Racer? It's listed on the PSP official website and shows a pic. Ridge Racer should have been in the first wave of Greatest Hits.

No doubt, this is a good direction. I bought Midnight Club 3. I plan to go and get Tony Hawk and the when Ridge Racer is out get that.

I've downloaded all the PSP demos I could get. Japanese Sudoku, all of that crap. Sony Japan's demos, America, and Euros demos. I got them all. I got more demos than games.

$20 per game is pretty good. I just hate the load times in Midnight Club 3. Up to 30 secs of loading. Shit, I spend more time in the garage pimping my car with useless decals and shit than racing.

Now if we could only get GTA: Liberty City Stories for $20 and I'd be set. Portable gta, cause we all know gta advance for the gba kinda sucked ass.

I can't believe I said something positive about the shitty PSP.

I'm looking at magazines on a rack at Borders Books. I see this magazine called "PURE PSP MAGAZINE". It was only $5, so I pick it up. Well, i picked it up cause it said it has some sweet kickass pirates of the caribbean: dead mans chest skin inside for your psp.
I open it up, and I'm all excited about putting a skin to quickly make my PSP look retarded for all to see, and when I put it all on. Somehow, it doesn't seem to scream, KICKASS to me. I mean, sure, the skin is cheap ass sticky shit which is always a plus when buying skins to dress your consoles up in, something wasn't right.
Sure it's always nice to look at jack sparrows sexy mr. wonka face, what made me sad was they put keira nightley on the back. what made me even more sad was they had to put bloom's ugly mug behind her might hottness. But then again, i'm just a person who is totally in love with keira nightley. Damn, wtf am i saying, this is the best
PSP skin ever, even if nightley is on the back. at least my fingers get to rub against her smooth face when i'm gaming right?

That's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow your sexiness

Elizabeth Swann - "Thank you for all your pleasant touchings Monsieur Blade"

Awwww, the PSP isn't a piece of shit after all. Hatsumi here showed the world that the PSP is a babe magnet. Now, everyone go and see if you have a girlfriend who is willing to lick the side of your PSP for you. Nothing's hotter than a girl licking the crap outta shiny plastic. I don't even think sex could top it. PSP LICKING! Yea!!!

Hurray for licking. If it weren't for her licking, I would have had to post a picture of Ken Kutaragi or Kaz Hirai licking it, and boy that would have been ugly

ok. that's it for today. go! run, lick your PSP! NOW! DO IT. DO IT NOW!


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lol, i'd rather not lick my PSP. But u can!


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