Thursday, January 11, 2007

PlayStation Marketing Man - Sony, you devil you

Kotaku had the scoop on this. Check this out. A man holding a PSP with a PSP Camera attached to it with a huge ass PS3 neck strap attached to the PSP's loop hole. And on top of that he's taking using the PSP camera to take a picture of a a PS3 game and also is holding a Sony Vaio laptop device. Call it anything you want, but either he is the biggest Sony nerd ever or it's another one of Sony's desperate marketing schemes. Remember ""? And Sony coughed up to that one. Sony wins the award this year for most failures of the year.

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source: Kotaku

Let's list some of Sony's major mistakes of 2006 shall we? And it doesn't look like it will end in 2007 either...

1. Laptop battery explosions deal massive damage to Sony's weak spot
2. PS3 fails to ship in Spring 2006, and then is faced with huge shortages when it launches in Nov. 2006
3. PS3s are failing to sell now and owners are either selling them on eBay for less than the original MSRP or returning them to stores
4. James Bond: Casino Royale doesn't make #1 spot for 2 weeks. It's beaten by penguins in the movie Happy Feet. Also, it's sad to see Sony advertise Sony Ericsson mobile phones constantly in the movie along with Vaio laptops, Cyber-Shot digital cameras and sneaking in "Bravia" on one of the internet pages someone in the movie looks at in the beginning. Shameful advertising.
5. The PSP is totally devastated by the DS. 2006 proved that the PSP is dying...
6. Sony and all their failed viral campaigns spawn complaints Ex) graffiti styled freaks with PSPs in major cities, another example being the black and white PSP ad that sparked controversy in Europe.
7. PS3 controller loses rumble, adds 6 axis (which is just a weak version of the Wii remote)
8. Samsung pulls ahead of Sony as the new leader in consumer electronics manufacturer. Sony is dethroned as the "king".

Good luck in the new year Sony.

My predictions for this console war are as follows.

Xbox 360

I think a new king is coming, and he will Wii all over the competition.


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