Monday, August 15, 2005

lalalala. boring....yeah....

um....what happened cotw reviewers? starting to slack off again huh? i got no reviews. oh this had better not be a revolution. i will not let you rebel! lol, only kidding. what else is there to say.

its friggin cold again. garrrrrr. it's sunny and hot one day and cold the next? rainy? finally it rains. all hail the rain gods.

booooo. im bored out of my friggin mind. what is there to do? i'm going to be just drifting around now. i'll be @ pojo to bash newbs and make them my cult followers. yeah, they like worship me or something.

what else. updated all that profile, interests, all of that stuff. naoko, i know you're gonna read it. go look now! LOL. comments huh? sad. its ok. i will not even bother finding other people. i don't need anyone. i can blog to myself! woo. now if anyone else has a blog and has tons of friends, invite them all to comment me, because well, it's sad that i don't have any friends or anything to help comment on my boring sad life. about those ducks huh? yeah, they're interesting huh? look pigeons....well, gotta go try to kill them...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Well, today is the first time I've ever used one of these blogger things. I've decided to give in and just chillax about it and try it out.

Okay, so for those who care, my name is sling blade, webmaster of Sennen Rage, Yeah, it's a Yugioh website. It's actually pretty popular. Ok, enough of that for now.

Well, I thought I might as well get an outlet for dishing out stuff. So, yeah, today was pretty lame. Basically stayed home all day. Watched a load of tv and ate a load of food. I'm going to start writing the update for tomorrow, so yeah.

The weather here is wack. It's all sunny one day and cold and breezy the next second. I have a light tan. But I guess I could use more sun.